In Yesser, we are seeking to attain the beneficiaries' satisfaction because they represent the cornerstone in raising the productivity and efficiency of the public sector and the success of the e-government transactions. We are enacting new legislation and resolutions on all areas to support digital transformation.

The most significant legalization and related resolutions:

Compiling all Services, Applications, Data Description, and Inserting them in the Government Services Observatory

Directing all the government agencies to gather all services, applications, data description, and include them in the Government Services Observatory.

Controls of Using Computers and Information Networks In Government Agencies

Approving the controls of using information and communications technologies in government agencies, which aim to protect systems and information resources, make optimal use of the services, raise the level of reliability of e-transactions and enhance the digital transformation process.

Developing an Integrated Information System that Records All Housing Properties In Saudi Arabia

Issuing a resolution to develop an integrated information system that records all housing properties in Saudi Arabia, links the systems of many government agencies, and provides access to housing properties data electronically to relevant agencies.

Directing the GIS National Committee to Coordinate Fully with Yesser

Directing the GIS National Committee to fully coordinate with Yesser by defining its terms of reference to avoid overlapping of mandates and ensure conformity to shared specifications, plans, and strategies.

Enforcing the Articles Related to Addresses In the Civil Affairs System, Commercial Registration System, and Residency System

Approving the procedures of enforcing the articles related to work and residency addresses in the Civil affairs’ system, the commercial registration system and the residency system.

Establishing the National Information Centre

Approving the establishment of a national center for health information systems called the “National Center for Health Information” which is linked to the Health Services Council and connected to an automatic network of health information with the Ministry of Health, medical services in military agencies, university hospitals, and other relevant government and private agencies.

Including Yesser to the GIS National Committee

Approving the joining of Yesser to the GIS National Committee.

National Committee for Digital Transformation

Approving the formation of the National Committee for Digital Transformation, chaired by H. E. the Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

Recommendations to Regulate The Ethical Content of Information Technology and Procedures to Control Information Crimes

Approving the recommendations to regulate the ethical content of information technology and the procedures to control information crimes.

The Ministry of Education Accepted as a Member of the GIS National Committee

Approving the joining of the Ministry of Education to the GIS National Committee.

The National Center for Health Information Regulations

Approving the National Center for Health Information’s Regulations