The e-Government First Action Plan

Our aim is that by the end of 2010, everyone can access high-quality and easy-to-access government services from anywhere and at any time through integrated and secure e-platforms.

Strategic Drivers:

Providing better services by the end of 2010

Increasing the level of efficiency and effectiveness in the government sector

Contributing to the prosperity and progress of our country

Components of the e-Government Framework

  • Inspiration & Vision

    Having an ambitious and inspiring vision to activate the initiative through clear and precise objectives to monitor and manage its implementation.

  • Effectiveness & Efficiency

    Providing shared applications that can further the effectiveness and efficiency of government agencies.

  • The Highest Standards

    Providing high-quality government services for citizens, business sector, and the government sector.

  • The Highest Quality

    Developing a high-reliability infrastructure (data + technology) to provide high-quality services.

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