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  • Is it required to register in advance to benefit from the portal's services?

    Yes, it is necessary to register with the digital transformation consultant to provide you with authorization to register through the single sign-on (SSO).

  • Can the Director of IT Department authorize someone else to request services through the platform?

    Yes, he/she can authorize someone else, however the IT manager must have already registered.

  • What are the services currently available in Platform?

    1. Amer

    2. Government Secure Network (GSN) providers

    3. Government Secure Network (GSN) beneficiaries

    4. Request IT support

  • How do I order a product that is not available in Platform?

    Kindly contact the digital transformation consultant via mobile phone and email to request the service.

  • When are all services and products going to be available in the portal?

    We are working on providing access to the portal and will announce availability once all procedures are concluded.

  • We represent a new government entity and we have been informed that we need to form an e-government committee. Is this accurate?

    Yes. The Council of Ministers directed all government entities to form internal committees for their e-government transactions (Resolution No. 8189 / MB dated 19/6/1426 AH).

  • Who should the e-government committee report to?

    Report to the highest authority in the entity, or his/her deputy.

  • How many members should an e-government committee consist of?

    We suggest 5-7 members, the following members should be included:

    1. The manager/director of each department related to e-government transactions in the entity

    2. IT manager/director

    3. The manager/director of administrative development in the entity

  • We would like to request services or products from Yesser program. What is the authorized department to receive our request?

    The only department authorized to receive requests is the General Department for Digital Transformation, through the transformation consultant assigned to the entity.

  • I am a newly appointed director of an IT department in a ministry and I don't know who's our official point of contact. How can I find out?

    We wish you the best of luck. Kindly send an email to, and the entity's consultant will contact you immediately.

  • I am the director of an IT department in a ministry and I would like to have special kind training or consultation. What is the correct process?

    We provide both external and internal training courses for IT managers in government entities, but currently, we are limited to nominated participants.

    For more information, please contact your digital transformation consultant.

  • What are the training paths for IT managers?

    Business Leadership Pathway, Information Technology, Innovation and Design, and Digital Consulting.

  • Do you provide financial support to government entities?

    We don't provide any direct financial support to government entities, but we do provide advice that helps them improve resource allocation.

  • We represent a government entity and we have noticed a difference in e-licenses prices within private sector companies. Can you help us with that?

    Yes, we can. We have a PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) department that you could contact through your digital transformation consultant.

  • Ministry A wants to share some information with Ministry B, can you help in this regard or should we address the ministry directly?

    You can contact the entity directly or contact us to study the application and facilitate communication between you two.

  • We participated in Qiyas eighth level and we would like to know the results. If we do not approve the results, do we have the right to file an objection?

    Qiyas results is available since 01/30/2020 for all government entities, and everyone has the right to review them with Qiyas officials via the following

  • What is the Government Services Observatory (Marsad)? Is specifying the services offered mandatory or is it optional?

    The Government Services Observatory (Marsad) helps you in specifying the services offered and its maturity levels. Government entities are required to implement follow its procedures as stipulated in the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (40) dated 27/2/1427 AH, and to adhere to rules and regulations of e-Government.

  • What are the approved scales of Service maturity indicators?

    1. Platinum category: from 95% to 100%

    2. Green category: from 80% to 94%

    3. Yellow category: from 60% to 79%

    4. Orange category: 0 to 59%

  • What indicators do Yesser follow?

    1. United Nations Index

    2. Boston Consulting Group e-Intensity Index

    3. Accenture Consulting Report Index

  • We represent a government entity that wishes to link to (GSN). What are the approved guidelines and conditions?

    1. Government entities with independent budgets

    2. Governmental bodies that provide government e-services through GSB

    3. Governmental entities that benefit from government e-services through GSB

    4. Government entities that provide government e-services directly, without being linked to GSB.

  • What is "Amer" Center, and how can we, as a government entity, join the Center?

    Amer Center is the unified national contact center for e-government, acting as a unified call and support center for government entities through a number of different channels.

    To join the center, kindly contact the Digital Transformation Department.

  • Is the National Center for Digital Certification "NCDC" different from Yesser program?

    NCDC falls under Yesser program and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

    For more information, please visit the following link:

    Or contact the entity's digital transformation consultant.

  • We have technical issues, is there a direct email to provide support?

    Yes, there is, kindly contact us through:

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