3 min reading 12 August 2020

Riyadh - e-media

With the launch of Vision 2030, the Kingdom has reformulated its plans in all digital fields in light of the fundamental changes it is witnessing in the mechanism. The work of government agencies, and methods of providing their services to individuals over the past 15 years. At the forefront of these efforts is the e-government transaction program- Yesser, which was established in 2005 to advance the process of government digital transformation in the Kingdom and support the government agencies and enable them to switch from the traditional work to the digital method.

In this regard, The CEO of the e-Government Program - Yesser, Eng. Ali bin Nasser Al-Asiri focused on the program’s efforts to enable government agencies to simplify and improve their operations and enhance the quality of their services. He commented Highlighting the program’s contribution to providing services in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner, and achieving results that meet the aspirations of the beneficiaries as well. To facilitate the sharing of data between government agencies, in a way that enhances their communication, and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes of making the decision.” One of the most important axes of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision is “An Ambitious Nation, Effectively Governed. ”In this axis, (Yesser) focuses on providing the latest solutions to government agencies and its programs to raise the productivity and efficiency of the public sector, and these solutions have contributed to revolutionize the developing and providing services system in The public sector in the Kingdom.

The Unified National Platform (MY.GOV.SA) as an example, it is a unified portal collects more than 900 electronic government service, using about more than 250 government agencies data. In addition, Citizens Engagement Center (Amer) aims to serve the beneficiaries of e-government transactions by providing support and responding to inquiries for approximately 345 services provided by more than 40 government agencies linked to the center.

The kingdom has achieved remarkable achievements in the government digital transformation sector. Recently, the Kingdom has reached the 43rd place out of 193 countries in the world in the United Nations Index of E-Government Development in July 2020, which advanced by 9 ranks in the world and was among the most advanced countries. Also, has advanced by 40 ranks on the sub-index in the “Digital Infrastructure”, to be ranked 27th in the world. Moreover, ranked eighth in the G20 countries, and in the “Human Capital” sub-index, it has advanced by 15 ranks, ranking 35 globally, and tenth among the G20 countries. This achievement comes under the collaboration of multiple government agencies and the e-Government Program – Yesser, which has worked to enable government agencies and cooperate with them to provide the best services for beneficiaries, launching a lot of initiatives and products that contribute in the digital transformation journey in the kingdom. By upgrading the level of e-services, developing and innovating new services that cooperate the Kingdom's development in the business environment and makes life easier.

Regarding of crisis, Yesser’s initiatives played a big role in the continuity of public sector services despite of the challenges have faced the government agencies during the preventive measures that implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Besides Yesser’s contribution in enabling remote work for government agencies, launching a lot of initiatives such as, issuing ‘Remote-work guideline where more than 94% agencies have utilized, requesting service to work remotely, in addition to providing technical solutions to work remotely in cooperation with leading technology companies, as well as its contribution with a group of government agencies to assist citizens wishing to return to Kingdom after the closure of airports and borders.