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In light of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s adoption of the 2030 vision and the global trend towards digital transformation, government agencies must keep pace with this vision and change based on a more comprehensive approach and perspective that considers all axes that include the strategic vision, the entity’s goals and business procedures, support for IT applications and data, and fate The largest integration in addition to the use of appropriate technologies and infrastructure; this is the framework in which the "Enterprise Architecture" is one of the enablers - and perhaps the only enablement - on which the most integrated e-government is based. And strategy - whether at the government level as a whole or at the government agency level.

In support of this trend, the e-government e-transactions program was facilitated and sponsored by His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the first conference for the national institutional structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday 31/1/2018. 2030 and accelerate the digital transformation of government agencies. With the participation of global speakers and experts, concepts and practices of institutional structure were presented and some successful experiences of applying institutional structure in the government sector were presented.