During the process of digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, the e-transactions has achieved advanced ranks globally. Yesser Program won well-established awards and participated as national expert in international awards and aims to realize a digitally sustainable development.

Best Government Experience Award in Asia

Saudi Arabia won the Best Government Experience Award in Asia for the methodology of measuring the transformation of the government agencies’ e-transactions, which is developed by Yesser. This award came after the international recognition of the measurement methodology was conducted as a scientific paper at the 10th European Conference on e-Government at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Government Technology Award for Asian Countries

Yesser Program won the 1st award in the area of information security, at the Third Annual Asia Conference for Technical Government, for the Government Service Bus (GSB) which is one of the infrastructure components. This award is known as (Oscars) for the public sector for information technology.

The e-Government Award for GCC Countries

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won four awards from the e-Government Awards for GCC Countries, which was held in conjunction with the First GCC e-Government Conference in Muscat. Among the four awards, the e-Government Program (Yesser) won the first place for Best e-Government Project for its Government Service Bus (GSB).

United Nations Public Service Award

The United Nations Public Service Award, which is part of the activities of the United Nations World Public Service Day, for improving public services and supporting the government agencies to improve their services and develop their delivery methods.

World Summit Awards for e-Content & Creativity, 2013

The World Summit Award, which is part of the United Nations Information Society Initiative, for the e-government and open data. Some of the major United Nations organizations participated in this award to choose the best e-content worldwide, communications applications and innovative information technologies.