Yesser Participates in the Information Technology Forum 2017

Published on 11/23/2017


Riyadh – Media Affairs:

The e-Government Program (Yesser) participated in the Information Technology Forum 2017 “Innovation, Change and Digital Transformation” which was organized by IDC Company. It was held in the Four Seasons Hotel, last Thursday in Riyadh.

Eng. Hadi Ali Muaishi, the Advisor to the Director-General of Yesser Program, highlighted, in a discussion session, the most significant experiences and challenges that the participating agencies encountered in the digital transformation journey, particularly the participating government agencies.   

In addition, Eng. Hadi Ali Muaishi discussed the digital transformation’s requirements, indicating the importance of having digital transformation plan that includes developing and enhancing the procedures of government digital services and change management, providing the necessary resources for the transformation, designing a secure digital services according to the international standards, and focusing on the beneficiary of the service to meet his/her needs and future aspirations.          

Yesser’s participation in this forum reflects its keenness to support the digital transformation journey in Saudi Arabia by reviewing the best international and local experiences in this field, and its efforts in supporting the government agencies to provide better and more accessible services to all beneficiaries. Also, Yesser encourages government agencies to participate in boosting the national economy by providing better and more accessible e-services.​


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