350 representatives of government agencies discuss mechanisms for sorting of e-services and improvement of maturity level

Published on 2/22/2015


Riyadh – Yesser Media Department;
More than 350 government agencies’ representatives discussed mechanisms to sort e-services and  improving of maturity level.
While addressing the workshop, Eng. Ali bin Saleh Al-Soma, Director General of Yesser emphasized the importance of creating national standard guidelines for all government agencies to sort their respective e-services, identify their types, requirements, maturity level and how to increase their maturity level.
Eng. Saleh underlined the need to identify the magnitude of e-transition and the need to create a standard list of e-services for Yesser and government agencies to follow with e-transition scheduled for eventual delivery through various channels.
The workshop emphasized the need for a common understanding and identification  of government services and the need to identify the overall e-transition and the importance of increasing maturity level.
Participants were introduced to the e-Government Observatory that has been developed by Yesser for sorting of all e-service and identification of their maturity levels. It will be the feeding channel of the national e-Government “Saudi” portal .


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