Services Indicator

Government services and maturity levels indicators


 المؤشر متوقف مؤقتا الى حين إنتهاء الجهات الحكومية من رصد خدماتها


E-services four maturity levels:

1-Informational service:
Provides information about the service including service description and prerequisites (e.g. service request form, if any).
2-Interactive service:
One-way interaction from the customer to the government agency. The agency should provide an e-form through the e-channels for the customer to prepare and send online to the government agency. However, the customer should visit the government agency to finalize procedure and avail the service.
3-Transactional Service:
Two-way interactive service from the customer to the government agency and vice versa. The government agency provides the customer with an e-form for preparation and sending to the agency. The agency completes processing inside the agency and delivers the service to the customer who will not be required to make a physical visit to the agency.
4-Transformational service:
Two-way interaction – from the customer to the government agency and vice versa. The customer prepares and sends an e-form provided by the agency. The agency completes the entire processing inside and outside the agency availing integrated services with outside parties until the complete service is delivered without the need for a physical visit by the customer to the agency.
All data and information in this page represent only the main services that are provided by government agencies. They are derived from the e-Government Observatory. In case any government agency wants to update any data or information, it must revise its data through the Observatory.