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SADAD Payment System


Ministry of Finance (Deputy Ministry for Revenues Affairs) has formulated the plans required to develop mechanisms of collecting the State's General Revenues in coordination with Agencies concerned with such a revenues collection. The Ministry has also made development plans for interconnecting Government Agencies with e-Systems in accordance with potentials available at those Agencies so as to accomplish speedy collection and compliance in addition to achieving control over Public Funds. Such mechanisms have come in various shapes achieving a set of affirmative results such as regulating and simplifying the process of payment and collection of Public Funds.
The Cabinet's resolution no. 172 dated 25/5/1428H within the fourth Clause has been issued to confirm that (Any Electronic Program used for collecting the State's Revenues at any Government Agency shall depend on SADAD payment System that has been executed by Ministry of Finance in coordination with Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. The resolution stressed that any program currently used for collecting Public Revenues shall be integrated with SADAD system.)
General Objectives:
  • Helping citizens and expats to easily pay Government fees which raises the process of revenues collection.
  • Enabling to collect money for seven days and 24 hours a day and not limiting it to work hours.
  • Providing the service of e-Payment helping Agencies to provide up-to-date services.
  • Converting traditional way of payment into an electronic one.
  • Opening bank channels for all Government Agencies.
  • Raising productivity thanks to increasing effective ways of collection.
  • Accelerating process of settling invoices and services fees.
  • Establishing an information base that can be much developed in the future.
  • Reducing variable links into a unified one.
  • A number of Government Agencies have been continuously linked with such a system as the following table indicates:
    Invoiced no. Invoiced no.
    090 Ministry of Interior - Expats 020 Department of Zakat and Income Tax
    091 Ministry of Interior – Driving Licenses 030 Customs Authority
    092 Ministry of Interior – Saudi Passports 040 Real Estate Development Fund
    093 Ministry of Interior – Traffic violations 045 Agricultural Development Fund
    094 Ministry of Interior - vehicles 058 Saudi Bank for Credit and Saving
    095 Ministry of Interior – Family residence request 006 Medina Region Municipality
    096 Ministry of Interior – civil status 010 Riyadh Municipality
    013 Ministry of Trade and Industry 025 Eastern Region Municipality
    015 Ministry of Water and Electricity 027 Holy Capital Municipality
    050 Ministry of Labour 028 Jeddah Municipality
    051 Ministry of Information 061 Ha'il Region Municipality
    075 Ministry of Transport 062 Tabouk Region Municipality
    088 Ministry of Finance 064 Jazan Region Municipality
    042 Communications and Information Technology Commission 070 Al-Quassim Region Municipality
    049 Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization 084 Assir Region Municipality
    057 Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities 087 Najran Region Municipality
    089 Saudi Ports Authority 103 Al-Jouf Region Municipality
    098 General Authority for Civil Aviation 104 Baha Province Municipality
    112 AlAhsa Municipality 113 Taif Municipality
    102 Municipality of Northern Borders 009 King Abdul Aziz University
    080 King Saud University 118 King Faisal University
    106 Taibah University 117 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
    021 Saudi Post 068 The Saudi Industrial Property Authority
    060 The General Organization for Social Insurance 077 Ministry of Islamic Affairs
    066 Ministry of Social Affairs (Global Goodness) 109 Saudi Food And Drugs Authority
    046 Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCY) 108 Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
    116 Deputy Ministry for Mineral Resources (DMMR) 105 King Abdulaziz City for Sciences and Technology
  • Building a portal including reports and inquiries at Ministry of Finance and General Auditing Bureau to follow up Agencies that have been linked Intermediate systems.
  • Addressing obstacles that may hinder execution of project at those Agencies.
  • Providing an e-Mechanism to ensure invoices conformity helping officials at Government Agencies to follow up track of invoices collected through the system, especially that such an e-Mechanism achieves a set of privileges as follows:
    • Achieving conformity with SADAD System concerning all amounts deposited within the collection account.
    • Easily Executing Conformity with branches subordinate to each Agency.
    • Saving time, effort and cost.
    • Limiting conformity process on the Agency and SADAD management instead of conformity with many banks.
    • Reducing paper-based procedures required for conformity.
    • Electronic daily conformity for SADAD processes through the System.

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