The Government of Saudi Arabia attaches high significance to the e-government concept and the transformation process that leads to its realization. It strongly believes in the huge benefits such concept of e-government entails for the national economy. Accordingly, the supreme Royal Decree number. 7/B/33181, dated 10/7/1424 (7/9/2003) included a directive to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to formulate a plan for providing government services and transactions electronically.

Transformation to an information society cannot be achieved without comprehensive collaboration and concerted efforts to realize the set objectives. Therefore, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) established the e-Government Program in 2005 in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC).

  Supervision over the e-Government Program (Yesser) has been transferred to the National Committee for Digital Transformation which was constituted pursuant to the Royal Order no. (1/43801560) and dated 1/11/1438H, presided by the Minister of Economy and Planning. The Order provided that Minister of Communications and Information Technology is a member and vice president of the said Committee with membership of: Minister of Health, Minister of Commerce and Investment, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Minister of Education, Minister of Finance, and Director of National Information Center. The royal order also provided that a unit under the name of (Digital Transformation Unit) shall be formed with supervision of the Committee’s president, who shall appoint the Unit’s executive president to be then a member and secretary of the Committee.

Program Goals

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The program works approach

The program and the possible role of a catalyst for the implementation of e-government transactions, reduces central in the application of e-government transactions as much as possible, with a minimum of coordination between government agencies mode. The work program is based on the following main rules

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