Mechanisms and Handbooks

E-government Transactions' Methodologies & Handbooks

​​​​​Best Practices aims at disseminating knowledge of information technology and building up an IT community. This will take place through a series of publications in the form of handbooks, and guiding methodologies, on the best practices, and the learned lessons. This publication activity will be subject to certain criteria, methodologies, and clear frameworks, and will be presented in a simple and easy format for the benefit of government agencies' employees.

The publications will be available in the form of documents in Arabic and English, and will undergo a constant process of updating and change. Your suggestions and comments on these documents will help to improve and update their contents.

This series covers handbooks and methodologies that throw light on e-Government transactions and related aspects. It will also act as a guide for implementation of e-Government transactions' projects, undertaken by the government agencies.

The indicated documents are as follows: