Methodologies & Practices

Project Management Methodology


To realize the vision of e-government transactions in Saudi Arabia, "Yesser" has been carrying out several important strategic projects in various areas related to electronic transactions. For success of these projects, requires a continuous coordination among them, as well as take into account the best practices for project management (such as planning, time management and risk, but not limited). It also highlights the importance of communication between all parties involved in the project and to know the situation of the project in its various stages.

From this point of view, there was a need for the necessary supervision and support required for project management in a professional uniform way, based on best experiences and practices in this field, the Project Management Office (PMO) was set up to the program, which in turn has developed an appropriate methodology for program’s project management, prepared by all and applied in stages with the awareness and communication required for such initiatives.

Yesser’s Methodology for Project Management

The principle of smoothness was adopted as basis for development of the methodology, which clearly shows rely on only ten models of project management’s documents on all its stages (Templates) as shown below: The methodology also contains procedures of the program’s projects management (Policies & Procedures), in addition to another document provides a simplified explanation of the projects management which is a simple reference to the work Group members of the project management (Framework).

Success factors

The initiative to establish a Project Management Office, contribute to some change in the methods and procedures for project management within the enterprise, therefore, one of the most important success factors include:

  • Effective leadership and support and care of the senior management.
  • The efficiency of the human race ( Project Management Work Group) and considering the importance and interest.
  • Clarity and simplicity of project management procedures and documentation.
  • The continued development and performance measurement.
The technical support also comes as an assistant factor provided to the availability of the above factors.