Methodologies & Practices

Yesser Methodology of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

This methodology comprises a set of processes and practices of the software development life cycle (SDLC) identified and implemented by Yesser in all relevant projects and software within Yesser. SDLC methodology is designed to provide details of Yesser Software Engineering governance processes and practices. Implementation of SDLC methodology helps achieving several objectives including:

  •  Ensure the same results are achieved at the same quality by using the same resources as far as specified business processes are followed.
  •  Enable staff members better plan their respective day-to-day activities by anticipating the results based on the business process.
  •  Formation of standard tasks and activities framework that can be enhanced on regular basis.
  • Improve productivity of software development teams.
  • Better understanding of SDLC by relevant teams.
  • Better prospects of producing the desired deliverables.
  •  Ensure accountability of staff members as far as they understand the standards for evaluating their activities.
  • Better scheduling and cost calculating perspective.
  • Ensure better quality and customer satisfaction.

Yesser SDLC methodology documents “ SDLC operation areas”.​

Backup and Restore - SDLC

Yesser Overall - SD​LC

Requirements Management - SDLC

Software Configuration Management - SDLC

Quality Control - SDLC

Quality Assurance - SDLC

Development - SDLC

Build and Release Management - SDLC

Analysis and Design - SDLC