Strategy and Action Plan

• The e-Government First Action Plan (2006 – 2010)

In order to drive Saudi Arabia's e-government initiative forward, YESSER program has developed the first National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan which is to be implemented within the next five years.

Vision statement for Saudi Arabia's e-government initiative

The vision for Saudi Arabia's e-government initiative is user-centric and focuses on a number of aspects which all revolve around the central notion already mentioned, i.e., providing better government services to the user.


Strategic objectives of Saudi e-government initiative

The vision for Saudi Arabia's e-government initiative was detailed by determining ten objectives to be achieved within the following five years.

Components of the e-government framework

Primarily, any successful e-government initiative is concerned with providing improved government e-services to the user, be it an individual, a business or a government agency. Moreover, it also aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness of government's administration.

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Implementation approach

The improved and e-enabled government services (in some cases, possibly even new services) identified by the initiative shall be implemented in a coordinated decentralized approach by individual ministries and other government agencies, i.e., the natural owners of these services.

The E-Government Action Plan projects

The action plan included many projects that aim to achieve the strategic objectives of the initiative. Those projects are divided, according to their nature, to the following three types: Infrastructure projects, E-Services projects and National application projects.


Following is a description of the components of each type.

The infrastructure projects

The infrastructure projects aim to build a strong, reliable infrastructure that enables the implementation of e-services, national applications and facilitates the data exchange and connectivity between government agencies.

The infrastructure architecture

E-Services projects

Those projects aim to achieve the main objective of e-government; "providing better services".

The following figure shows the pilot services projects (category 1) in some detail

For each of the above-mentioned services:

  • The current process has been mapped
  • The process has been redesigned to suit their electronic delivery
  • The organizational, procedural, technical and financial requirements for implementation have been identified
The pilot services host agencies, with YESSER support, are currently working on the implementation these services in their electronic form.


National application projects

Those projects aim to provide main applications that are shared between all government agencies in order to increase their efficiency and capabilities.

Priorities of projects and implementation sequence
The methodology used to prepare the e-government action plan

The following steps have been followed in the preparation of the Saudi e-government action plan, with an effective participation of the various government agencies (Their feedback was taken through workshops, meetings, visits and field surveys).