Legislations & related regulations

Approves establishing of a health information national center

​Saudi Cabinet issued resolution No (11) dated 12/11/1434 that approves establishing of a health information national center. The resolution provides for:

Firstly – A health information national center shall be established named “Health Information National Center” that reports to the Health Services Council. It shall be interlinked to Ministry of Health, medical services of military agencies, university hospitals and other relevant government and private entities through a health information network.
Secondly: The center shall assume the following role:
1. Works as a communication center for providing, regulating and exchanging of health information among health sectors and other relevant sectors.
2. Identify health data and information that need to be provided by health services parties. Establish necessary rules and mechanisms for exchange of information among relevant parties using technical and technological systems that ensure accessibility to information by relevant parties and facilitate interlinking.
3. Standardization of phrases, names and definitions and collection practices in all health IT systems.
4. Create universal health e-folder for each patient through integration of medical records in various health sectors including hospitals and private health facilities.
5. Introduce international disease coding system and ensure implementation and regular upgrading in all health facilities.
6.  Establish, develop and manage national health accounts.
7. Establish and manage a telemedicine national network.
8. Prepare and publish national health statistics and submit regular reports on health services activities to the Health Services Council.
9. Develop health care IT standards and database including maintenance and protection standards.
10. Disseminate awareness on the significance of health information technology. Arrange seminars, conferences, prepare and publish research and journals on health information systems.
11. Provide health information to user groups according to rules and regulations.
12. Cooperate with counterpart agencies, organizations and centers at the national and international levels in the area of health information.
13. Create national records of common diseases and epidemics at KSA level in coordination with relevant centers (governmental and private).
14. Provide support and technical advice to health sectors in the area of health information systems, according to available resources.