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Resolution to ensure transformation from conventional to electronic processing

The Council of Ministers' decision no. 235, issued on October 4, 2004, in accordance with the recommendations of the symposium titled, "Ways of Enhancing Cooperation to Achieve the Objectives of Comprehensive Auditing and Performance Control," which was organized by the General Auditing Bureau, directed government bodies to utilize electronic methods instead of documents and conventional methods and to expedite the use of computers in all financial and accounting operations, as stated in the third paragraph of the decision:

" 3- Government bodies shall expedite the use of computers in all financial and accounting operations, shift from conventional methods in bookkeeping and preparation of accounts and financial statements to electronic methods and turn in their data for review on CDs instead of paper documents."

This decision will have a great effect in boosting the implementation of e-government through government bodies use of information technology and abandoning manual recording and account books, which will assist the development of the administration techniques of government bodies, promote accuracy and productivity, make administrative and financial information readily available and facilitate the integration of data and connectivity of administrative and financial information systems among government bodies, which will, in turn, allow data exchange and make accurate statistics and information available for government bodies.

The E-Forms project, carried out by the e-government transactions program Yesser, is considered one of the important means for activating the decision of the Council of Ministers. It will support the completion of the automatic financial and accounting operations cycle among government bodies, as well as facilitate the exchange of data and the connectivity of information systems among government bodies in general.

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