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Instructions to establish government agency databases

In his circular No. 7/b/26345, dated 19/12/1422 the Premier directed government agencies to develop databases of their activities. This would help in easing the interoperability amongst government agencies and preparation of their annual reports, as provided under Para: "Fifthly" of the above circular, quoted as follows:

"Fifthly: the government agencies shall develop databases to conduct its affairs, facilitate dealing with other governmental agencies, and use for preparation of annual reports".

The above circular reflects the support and direction of the leadership of this country, to the government agencies to electronically manage their transactions. This emphasizes even more the drive towards assumption of the e-government concept through adoption of IT systems and development of databases by government agencies. Such concept helps to modernize the managing methods of government facilities, raise productivity and reliability level in application area, and maintain electronic interoperability amongst government agencies. It further eases data integration and the consequent potential to exchange information, make statistics and accurate information available, and introduce the electronic processing of annual reports.

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