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Smart national identity

Council of Ministers Decree No. (90) and the date 04/15/1426 on the smart national identity adoption, includes the following:

  • Adoption of the ID card (smart national identity) to be one of the key pillars of e-government applications and its services.
  • Each governmental agency is to provide the National Information Center, (Ministry of the Interior) with its special requirements during six months from this resolution date, so that the center can implement it as an application owned by that agency itself, and the center will take care of implementing all the governmental agencies programs on the smart chip, and the creation of an adequate storage space according to the agreed requirements and according to the available financial allocations.
  • Each governmental agency is to build the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to benefit from its own application.
  • The National Information Center, (Ministry of Interior) is responsible for hardware and software operating for the issuance of the card and the maintenance, with the commitment of the Centre to find the necessary means for the card reading mechanism to be used in all the governmental and private facilities.
  • The Ministry of Finance (Governmental Presses Department) to ensure the required raw card, and the National Information Center (Ministry of the Interior) is to provide the Governmental Presses Department with the card technical specifications and smart chip until it is produced according to schedules agreed upon by both of the National Information Center, and the Governmental Presses Department.
  • The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology coordinate with the government agencies and the National Information Center, to create an appropriate mechanism to use the smart card in e-Government applications and services.
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