Government Service Bus (GSB)

Government Service Bus (GSB)




The Government Service Bus (GSB) is one of the main pillars of the national infrastructure developed and managed by Yesser. GSB is an entity that comprises intermediary systems that contain integrated structure of hardware and software designed to facilitate exchange of shared government data among government agencies for safe and timely  online delivery of services. Following  launching of GSB in its production stage, efforts continued in establishing of integration including construction, maintenance and management of GSB and interlinking of government agencies with GSB. There are two aspects of integration with GSB. One aspect is integration of a government agency with GSB as a provider of services and data for use by other agencies through GSB. Each government agency can integrate with GBS as a user of services and data provided through GSB.
Yesser has established GSB in order to facilitate integration and exchange of shared government data among various agencies interlinking with GSB. Considering dependency of government services that necessitate interlinking and integration of each agency with other agencies in order to deliver a particular service, GSB plays a pivotal role in facilitating business and technology integration among government agencies.
GSB is a manifestation of support provided by Yesser to government agencies to enable them deliver online services in an integrated, easy and simple manner. The concept of e-Government requires all government agencies to deliver their services and make their data accessible to supplement services offered by other government agencies. This is done through GSB.

This figure shows how a government agency used to directly  interlink with another government agency in order to deliver an e-service






This figure shows integration and interlinking among government agencies through GSB. A process that ensure high creditability and easy integration to facilitate delivery of e-services.





Main advantages of interlinking with GSB:


  • GSB is a central platform for interlinking and integration among government agencies with respect to data and information needed for delivery of e-services.
  • It helps government agencies establish integrated e-services.
  • Services delivered through GSB are of high quality, performance, creditability and reliability.
  • Regularly updated data.
  • Interlinking with GSB saves time and cost as compared to interlinking and integration between each agency and another.
  • Enables government agencies process and deliver their services completely online.
  • Reduced e-services development lifecycle.
  • Services from each government agency are accessible by all government sectors.
 An example of using GSB in university students admission:


An added value of interlinking to GSB as a user:

  •  GSB is a single repository for all government services and data
  • GSB helps maximize efficiency of e-services for the user by depending on services delivered by GSB.
  • Provides the user with highly reliable data that  meet standard criteria.
  • Enhances transparency, equity and equality upon delivering of e-services.

The added value for integration with GSB as a service provider:

  • Provides a single platform and place for exhibiting and marketing of all services in order to realize “Building once for multiple use” principle..
  • Saves costs of individual interlinking of each government agency with another..
  • Realizes “Paperless government” principle.