Government Service Bus (GSB)

Mechanism for interconnection to GSB as a user:

Any government agency interested to interconnect to the Government Service Bus (GSB) should have already been linked to the Government Secured Network (GSN). While GSM represents the physical interconnection channel among government agencies, GSB is the integration platform for exchange of data and information to ensure delivery of integrated e-services. The following steps should be followed by customers to interconnect to GSB:
  • Use e-forms page of Yesser portal​ to file a request. Entitled “Request for interconnection as user of shared data and services” ,the e-form provides for all GSB existing services. The customer may select services of interest and indicate the purposes for which the services are selected.
  • A project manager from Yesser cloud computing services will be assigned to manage the entire connectivity project. He will arrange for a meeting to discuss the requested services, connectivity requirements, review of workflow and necessary forms. The government agency will be provided with a comprehensive and clear perspective on the roles and task assignment of the parties involved in the connectivity process. A project manager should be assigned by the prospective government agency in addition to programming and networking personnel.
  • Following completion of necessary programming and networking, tests will be conducted on the testing environment. Upon successful completion of testing, the project will be deployed.
 A figure showing interconnection phases as a user: