Capacity Building Initiative



E-government Program" Yesser" is keen to support the change that accompanies the implementation of e-government transactions projects. Such change requires the activation of technical methodologies as proper tools enabling involved staff at governmental agencies to apply the new procedures. This includes the need to develop human resources in governmental agencies to keep pace with this change, in addition to changing the prevailing culture and building of an information society.

Due to the importance of capacity and skill building programs for government sector personnel in respect of electronic government applications, and to support adaptation and acceptance of new changes, maintaining of high level of productivity, responsibility and continued improvement of performance, the e-government program "Yesser" launched the capacity building and skills development initiative of e-transactions in government sector.

The initiative aims to disseminate information technology culture and bridge the digital gap in using of computers at basic level in order to deal with electronic services programs and manage its implementations with high degree of skill and professionalism.

Initiative's Vision:

Enabling government agency's staff to gain the proper technical capacity that helps them to use and support the transformation to the concepts of electronic transactions. 

Initiative's Mission:

Contributes to preparation for acceptance, adaptation to and supporting of transformation from traditional government services to the e-Government concepts.

  • Spread of IT culture and bridge digital gap in using computer at basic level in order to deal with electronic services programs.
  • Management and implementation of electronic government services projects at a high degree of professionalism and skill.
  • Develop of interaction approach and communication skills to ensure cooperation of all participants within and outside government.