Capacity Building Initiative

Professional Training Program

 Capacity building and skills development of IT personnel in the government sector (Professional training program).
The e-Government Program launched capacity building and skills development program for IT personnel in the government sector (Professional Training Program), an initiative for capacity building and development of IT personnel skills in the government sector. A multi-phase training of Government staff will be arranged in approved non-government training centers across the country.  
Phase 1 capacity building orientation training started in 2015 targeting IT professionals in government agencies (Professional training). 660 IT government employees from various regions received training.  The training is designed to meet candidates’ needs and prepare them for international IT certification.

Program details:

Phase 1 training:​

Accredited IT curriculums in the following tracks:

    • Methodologies/Framework & Change Management Track 
    • Oracle DBA Track 
    • CCNA Track 
    • Microsoft Administration Track
    • Project Management Track​
    • Software Engineering & Developer Track ​

Program duration:
One year Gregorian calendar .

Motivation aspects:

  • Candidate receives attendance certification if his absence does not exceed 20% of the entire
training time.
  • Candidates who complete the training successfully will receive certification.
  • Examination fees are payable once for the entire program.


Except for travel and accommodation costs, it is a free of cost program funded by the e-Government Program.

How to apply for “Capacity building program”:

  •  Communicate with the manager of professional training at the following e-mail address: :

  • Candidate should be an IT employee.
  •  Should not have attended a similar training. 
  •  Candidate should not be nominated for more than one track with maximum two courses in the same track.
  • Final acceptance of candidates depends on approval of Yesser work team according to available seats Nomination controls.


Information will be treated with complete confidentiality. It will be used for the purpose of announcing the latest developments of “Capacity Building Program”. Yesser will not use the information for any other purpose. Information will not be disclosed to any third party. However, Yesser maintains the right to use the information for statistical purposes.