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Yesser Data Center

The e-government Center has been established in accordance with the highest technical and security specifications. It conducts the intermediate operations and common national e-applications in order to facilitate transmission and integration of data between government agencies, which help streamline of e-government service delivery.

The Center is one of the infrastructure projects under the supervision of e-Government Program "Yesser", it is one of the major projects on which the program depends on as a link between computer centers in various government agencies that are going to be linked gradually with this center according to program's operational plan.

From this point of view, the center is considered to provide the latest components in techniques, programs and storage units' solutions, and the ability of development and expansion to meet the needs of growth in the future. The center domains alternative means for each of its components to ensure continuity and quality of service and avoid interruptions.

The current Yesser e-government center is one of three centers distributed in some kingdom's cities to guarantee protection of all e-Government services and data against possible disasters or threats to this important center which contains all components, elements and infrastructure projects of e-government program.

The center provides all necessary requirement for continued operation through maintaining its self- resources facilities including redundant power sources, UPS, power generator, power distribution panels, biometric access control security system, video camera, motion detectors, redundant A/C, water leaking monitoring system, temperature recorder, DSPs high speed data line equipments, internal cabling, RACKs, and raised floor.

Currently, the center is housing all the active components networking infrastructure, multilayer firewalls, IPSs, load balancers, IT storage devices, Internet connectivity, GSN connectivity, monitoring systems, helpdesk systems, email, authentication systems, DNSs, databases, technical backup systems, Yesser web site, e-government portal , and GSB.