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Saudi Portal

The Saudi eGovernment Portal "Saudi" is the central Saudi Arabian government portal through which not only citizens, residents, businesses and visitors but also other government organizations and businesses can access eGovernment services (eServices) online. This approach has been chosen as the best way to enable government services in an efficient manner.

It also makes eServices accessible anytime from anywhere throughout the Internet . Broad eService accessibility is achieved by providing eServices via the portal either by integrating with other government agencies or through links to their websites.

In addition to the above, the portal:

  • Is an important outlet of frequently updated news and information about events pertaining to eServices (e.g. new services provided by government agencies).
  • Provides a directory of government agencies.
  • Provides links for Saudi regulations, laws, plans and initiatives.
  • Includes an "About the Kingdom" section which contains integrated information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.