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National Contact Center (Amer)

Yesser’s Supreme Supervisory Committee decided to establish the National Contact Center as a Contact center that supports all government agencies through various channels. Designed  in compliance with the best technical and security specifications, it will contribute to achieve the  e-Government strategic goals.

The center responds to inquiries raised by the public and beneficiaries of e-Government services. It  provides support and information about e-government and e-services provided by government agencies.

Using various communication channels (telephone, e-mail, website, SMS, FAX, and social networks), the center serves all e-Government service users.  Prompt advice,  assistance and technical support  are provided while communicating with users through that various means.


  • Professional instant response to queries relating to e-Government issues through various channels
  • Providing solutions and response to individual customers, businesses and visitors through various communication channels
  • Facilitating processes of searching and e-communication with individuals and organizations
  • Reducing load on main service providers
  • Improving response time by government agencies particularly in emergency and critical situations.
  • Gaining more skills and knowledge and Keeping up with the progress in IT area for the benefits of the existing and future phases.

The Contact center’s mission is to support  and respond to queries of the  Saudi community on e-Government issues and procedures. 

Inquiries from individuals, businesses and government agencies on e-services provided by government agencies, will receive professional response through appropriate mechanism and efficient handling.

The following channels will be used to deliver the Contact center’s services:

  • Telephone (Landline, mobile, IVR whether international or local, SMS) by 199099
  • Internet (Browsing,  e-mail, live chat) by 
  • FAX and post
  • Social communication networks
  • The above channels will be used for both inbound and outbound messages
  • All types of services whether inquiries or procedures 
  • Delivering service in both Arabic and English languages

For more information please call 199099 or visit