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Specifications Guidelines - YEFI


It’s a unified framework to implement e-government. It includes cross – governmental specifications and policies, to enable cross – governmental integration and facilitate G2G transactions and data sharing. Rationale

  • Enable electronic cross – governmental integration.
  • Facilitate cross – governmental data sharing.
  • Facilitate cross – governmental transactions.

YEFI components

The general framework consists of the following components:

  • Core Data Standards This area will focus on the delivery of a Data Standard Catalog and Schema Standard Catalog for all data and business entities that will be used in the initial phase of the GSB development and needed by the pilot services.
  • Technical Standards and Policies This area covers the selection and validation of technical standards for interconnection, data integration, content management, metadata, e-services access and security. This also covers areas were standards are not defined but a uniform policy and industry best practices need to be put in place to achieve interoperability.
  • YEFI Portal The goal of this activity is to provide a centralized collaborative work space and repository for editing, discussing, publishing and saving all YEFI related documents agreed upon by the different YEFI work groups.

Work methodology

  • Information Availability & Needs Analysis The purpose of this phase is to deliver a formal and documented analysis of the Information availability & Needs for the pilot service agencies, which is supported by a formal interoperability group.
  • Development of Data Standards The purpose of this phase is to develop a tested and approved YEFI Data Standards Catalog and Schema Standard Catalog.
  • YEFI Portal The YEFI portal is envisioned to provide the following:
    • A collaborative environment, where YEFI committee , and working group members can operate to review, submit extensions and change requests, and view meeting schedules and minutes.
    • A site where YEFI artifacts, framework, charter, news, activities, tools, data and technical standards are published for reviews and usage.
    • The Portal will promote YEFI within the public and private sectors and provide resources for interested parties.
    • A set of tools that will allow interested parties to subscribe to notifications about changes in standards and policies.
    • A publishing and hosting repository for the XML schema data standards.

YEFI Documents Release 1.1

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