Initiatives & Products

Funding Mechanism

This budget will cater for cost of e-services, provided by government agencies through their own projects. Allocations to finance such projects will be made in accordance with a well-defined and flexible financing mechanism. This mechanism will be carried out through a joint technical committee set up from: the respective government agency, the e-government program "YESSER", and the Ministry of Finance (General Budget Department) "MOF- GBD", in the following manner:

  • The government agency shall submit its application to MOF, on a form (Arabic only) prepared for the purpose, already circulated per letter No.10/2/18227, dated 1/3/1428G of H.E the Minister of Finance.
  • Submitted applications are reviewed by the technical committee (Program Management – MOF- GBD), with participation of the respective government agency.
  • If an application is approved for financing the proposed service(s) of the project, money required shall be transferred to the budget of the applicant agency to carry out the service.
  • Request, approval, and execution of the project services are not linked to the preparation of general budget for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Such processes may take place during the fiscal year whenever a service is ready for implementation. This makes for greater flexibility that reflects positively on time factor.
IT & E-Government Projects, Financing Application Form (Arabic only)