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Government Secure Network (GSN)

In accordance with the executive work plan of the e-Government Program "YESSER", a Communications Network for e-Government Transactions had to be established by YESSER Program. Such a network has been envisioned to interconnect Government Agencies with the e-Government Data Center which has been established with Highest international technical and security standards to be used as a host for the e-Government National Portal "Saudi" and the e-Government Program "YESSER". This network has enabled the e-Government Data Center to be the effective, cost-saving and unifying Link for interconnecting all Government Agencies with one another.Objectives:

  • Unifying the Mechanism of reliably, yet effectively interconnecting and linking Government Agencies.
  • Providing higher speeds in data-transportation.
  • Providing a confidential and secure medium for data-transportation.
  • Easy future expansions as per requirements of each stage in addition that such expansions can be applied to any types of data among Government Agencies.
Interconnection standards:

  • Government Agencies with independent budgets.
  • Government Agencies that offer e-Services through Government Services Bus (GSB).
  • Government Agencies that utilize e-Services offered through Government Services Bus (GSB).
  • Government Agencies that offer e-Services directly, not being interconnected to the GSB, yet such e-Services are legally binding to all other Government Agencies.

Currently interconnected services:

Classification of Agencies:

Category (A):
  • Agencies that provide e-Services to GSB.
  • Agencies that provide e-Services that are legally binding to all Government Agencies.
  • Agencies that provide critically important e-Services.
  • Agencies that provide e-Services with high rates of usages.

Category (B):
  • Agencies that provide moderately important e-Services.
  • Agencies that provide e-Services with moderate rates of usage.
  • Agencies that make benefits of e-Services with high rates of usage.

Category (C):
  • Agencies that provide moderately e-Services with limited importance.
  • Agencies that provide e-Services with limited usage rates.
  • Agencies that make benefits of e-Services with moderate rates of usage.

Category (D):
  • Agencies that make benefits of e-Services with limited rates of usage.

Public agencies linked with the Government Secure Network GSN



Board of grievances
2 Ministry Of Communications and Information Technology
3 Ministry Of Finance 4 King Abdulaziz City for Sciences & Technology
5 Ministry of Commerce and Industry 6 Ministry of Education
7 Ministry Of Municipal & Rural Affairs 8 Ministry of Labor and Social Development -1
9 Ministry of Labor and Social Development -2 10 Ministry of Civil Service
11 King Saud University 12 Royal Diwan
13 Dept. of Zakat and income Tax 14 Council of Saudi Chambers
15 General Presidency Of Youth Welfare 16 National Guard Health Affairs
17 National Center for Assessment in Higher Education 18 General Directorate For Prisons
19 Ministry Of Culture & Information 20 Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture-1
21 Real Estate Development Fund 22 Saline Water Conversion Corporation
23 Ministry Of Interior-Natoinal Information Center 24 Communications and information Technology Commission
25 Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities 26 Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization
27 Agricultural Development Fund 28 Saudi Credit and Saving Bank
29 Saudi Customs 30 Assir Municipality
31 Tabuk Municipality 32 General Auditing Bureau
33 Al-Jouf Municipality 34 Al-Bahah Municipality
35 Municipality of Eastern Region 36 Riyadh Municipality
37 Qassim Municipality 38 Madinah Municipality
39 Jazan Municipality 40 Jeddah Province Municipality
41 Hail Municipality 42 Holy Makkah Municipality
43 Najran Municipality 44 Ministry of Transport
45 Saudi Aramco 46 Technical and Vocational Training Corporation
47 Saudi Railways Organization 48 Saudi Food & Drug Authority
49 Saudi Port Authority 50 Taif Province Municipality
51 Saudi Post Corporation 52 General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)
53 General Organization for Social Insurance - Riyadh 54 Human Resources Development Fund
55 General Organization for Social Insurance - Jeddah 56 National Center for Assessment in Higher Education
57 King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundations For Giftedness and creativity 58 Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
59 Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency 60 General Commission for Survey
61 Public Pension Agency 62 Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (Yanbu)
63 Institute of Public Administration 64 Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (Jubail)
65 Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) 66 Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON)
67 The Centennial Fund 68 Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority
69 Capital Market Authority 70 Immam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University
71 University of Dammam 72 King Abdul Aziz University
73 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals 74 King Faisal university
75 Jeddah Province 76 e-Government Program
77 King Fahd Medical City 78 Alahsa Municipality
79 Military Hospital 80 SADAD
81 King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center 82 SADAD DR Site-1
83 Security Forces Hospital 84 Ministry of Interior -Elm
85 Saudi Electricity Company 86 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
87 National e-Government Contact Center 88 Ministry of Agriculture
89 Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources 90 Ministry of Housing
91 Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources​-Agency of Mineral Resources 92 Ministry Of Health
93 Ministry Of Justice 94 Ministry Of Education2-Higher Education
95 Ministry of Foreign Affairs 96 Ministry Of Defense And Aviation
97 The General Directorate For The Border Guards 98 Northern Borders Municipality
99 General Intelligence Presidency 100 Presidency Of Meteorology And Environment Protection
101 Ministry of Economy and Planning 102 King Khalid University Hospital
103 Royal Protocols
104 Ministry of Pilgrimage
105 Communications & Information Technology Commission-2 106 Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (Riyadh)
107 Umm Al-Qura University 108 Economic Cities Authority
110 Sura Council
111 Taif Unviversity 112
King Khaled University
114 Najran University
115 Jazan University 116 National Employment Project Data Center
117 SABIC 118 Ministry of Finance (Government Procurement portal)2
119 AlQassim University 120 SADAD DR Site-2
121 Saudi Electronic University 122 Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2
123 Baha University 124 Saudi Health Council
125 Saudi Red Crescent 126 Higher Authority for Development of Riyadh City
127Prince Sattam University 128 King Abdullah Atomic Energy City
129 Hayel University 130 Ministry of Islamic Affairs
131 Islamic University132Saudi Grains Organization
133 Majma’a University 134 Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Authority
135 Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture-2 136 Saudi Development Fund
137 National Guard138 Jeddah University​
139AlJouf University 140​ General Authorituy of Statistics
141 Northen Border University142 Saudi Commissiom for Health Specialites
143Tayba University 144​ Tabouk University
145 King Khalid Military University146General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
147Yesser DR Site – Disaster Recovery 148​ Council of Economic Affairs and Development
149 Princess Nora University150Makah & Holy Shrines Development Authority
151Saudi Export Development Authority 152 National Anti-Corruption Commission​(Nazaha)​
153 King Fahd Security College154AL-Ahssa Sewage & Irrigation Authority
155The Council Cooperative of Health Assurance 156 General Directorate of Investigation​
Competition Council​
General Directorate of Civil Defense
Shagra University
​General Organization for Social Insurance-DR Site-2
162​​Riyadh Municipility
The General Presidency of Islamic Research and Ifta
​General Directorate of Narcotics Control​
​Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution​
​Ministry of Justice (DR Site at AlQassim )

List of government agencies in the process of being connected to GSN

1 ِALSalam Royal Palace 2 Saudi Health Council *
3 King Abdullah Atomic and Renewabl Energy *
4 The Development Commission of Makkah Al Mukarramah*
5 King Saud University for Health Science
6 General Directorate of Public Security
7 Eastren Region Municiplity
8Public Transportation Authority
9 Almadinah Almonourah Municipilty
10 General Commission for the Guardianship of Trust Funds for Miniros and their Counterparts​
Civil Affairs
12 King Fahad National Library
​Militray Service Council

* Upgraded from present contact 

Services offered:

  • Make hardware available
  • Make circuits available
  • Equipment.
  • Circuits.
  • Network security Center.
  • Control and Monitoring Center.
  • Network Management and Operation Center.
  • Service Quality level Agreement*: Class (A): 99.99% - Class (B): 99.9% - Class (C): 99.6%
* Service Quality level Agreement is subject to policies and procedures of the e-Government Program "YESSER".