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Single sign-on (SSO)

The Single sign-on (SSO) for Enterprises and individuals is considered one of the significant regulations of implanting the e-Government transactions issued within the Cabinet's resolution no. (40) and dated 27/2/1427H corresponding to 27/3/2006. Such regulations provide that each individual with a natural or virtual personality shall have a unified reference no. included within all information systems. The said unified reference no. will be able to fulfil all requirements of Concerned Agencies relating to e-Government Transactions and their applications. YESSER's Program will be in charge of relevantly coordinating with all concerned Government Agencies to specify natures and specifications of such references. The SSO is regarded as an electronic referential identity relating to individuals or enterprises with a natural or virtual personality. Such an identity shall be established through the National e-Government Portal "Saudi" to be verified and activated by verification offices. Such an SSO shall be included within all information systems where individuals or enterprises can use it to reliably carry out all e-Services offered by different Government Agencies.


Individual: is a person who represents himself, whether a man or woman, a citizen or resident. 

Enterprise owner: is an individual who solely owns the enterprise according to certified official documents (individual enterprises, commercial shops or vocational enterprises) Enterprise master representative: is the person who has the juristic personality to represent the enterprise, he has high powers enabling him to conduct electronic transactions, add or delete the enterprise or enterprises, add or delete the enterprise's delegate representatives of both the primary delegate or the delegate ones. Such Master Representative can give authorization to the delegate representatives to conduct all or some of the electronic transactions. The enterprise's master representative is the first person to add the enterprise to be verified through an e-Government authorization that is signed and authenticated by a relevant entity i.e.; Chamber of Commerce in case of Commercial Enterprises or a legal authorization document in case of commercial shops, the Authorizing entity in case of vocational enterprises, or the Government Entity in case of government entities. 

Enterprise's master delegated representative: is the person who has the juristic personality to represent the enterprise but with moderate powers enabling him to conduct e-Transactions, add or delete the enterprise's delegated representatives (Each enterprise may have more than one master delegated representative). 

Enterprise's delegated representative: is the person who has the juristic personality to represent the enterprise but with limited powers. He can conduct only available electronic transactions authorized by the enterprise's master delegated representative. (Each enterprise may have more than one delegated representative).

eID Registration and verification

The SSO is established through a registration made at the National e-Government Portal "Saudi", requiring then to be activated at ID verification offices to check citizens' ID, and residents' Residence permits where specialized employees will carry out such check and verification process. Beneficiaries registered at "Saudi" Portal will be able to have all their transactions electronically executed as per availability after they visit such verification offices to verify their personal ID. Verification of ID and sightseeing of documents will help to provide an accurate and reliable means for Individuals "Citizens and Residents" and for Enterprises to get their identities electronically verified. 

For more information about registration and verification, you can visit the "Saudi" Portal

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