Initiatives & Products

e-Government mobile services (Ma’ak)


Yesser  adopts  the e-Government mobile services in order to shift Saudi government agencies to the subsequent phase of the e-services. The “M-Gov” product is envisaged  to create an ideal and attractive environment for this type of services in Saudi Arabia.

Yesser has​ launched formal application of e-government ( Maak )  for Android​ and iPhone devices .


The new product “Ma’ak” is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Create a common infrastructure for  mobile e-Government services.
  • Establish a manual of government applications.
  • Create a template for government agencies’ applications.
  • Develop and publish a manual of mobile e-Government services.
  • Conduct contests for  members of the developers’ community  in the area of mobile e-Government projects.
  • Provide financial support to government agencies for  mobile e-Government projects.
  • Launching a separate portal for mobile e-Government services.

M-Government manual (Arabic)