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eServices Framework

Yesser has decided to put all the gained experience and knowledge in a framework governed by industry’s standard frameworks, such as Zackman and TOGAF, and SOA and provide it to all government agencies. Yesser named it, “eServices Enablement Framework” eSEF. This framework will enable the government agencies to:

  • 1 - Have a mature framework to start using.
  • 2 - Cut down the time and cost for such projects.
  • 3 - Provide certain quality assurance on the output and deliverable of both government agencies and vendors.
  • 4 - Assist in writing the RFP and gathering the generic requirements of integration with external interfaces such as GSB, and Sadad.

This section is an overview of the e-Services Enablement Framework, the framework is grouped into 3 sets as shown below.

  1. Implemention Steps of e-Government projects
  2. This section gives an overview of the e-Services Enablement Framework and explains different phases and steps involved in a typical e-Services project; from the initial strategy, analysis, RFP development etc. to implementation.



  3. Business process redesign
  4. Business Process Redesign is the core and most important part of the e-Services Enablement Framework.



  5. RFP Composition
  6. The documents in this section explain how to develop an RFP for e-Services, its issuance and evaluation process.



Each of the above consists of multiple documents, presentations, spreadsheets and diagrams. To download the complete set, please click here (~27 MB).