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E-Correspondence system



The e-Government Program, Yasser, adopted and managed the initiative of building an e-government national electronic unified system for government correspondence. The initiative is based on developing an electronic platform to cover all government agencies through which correspondence and documents can be easily prepared, shared, tracked and recovered when needed. 

The government e-correspondence system has come as a result of the vast progress achieved in the development journey in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Such progress is accompanied by an increasing number of emerging government agencies that require more correspondence whether ingoing or outgoing.

Yesser Program is the official responsible for launching this project where it will supervise over technical and administrative issues when implementing the system to ensure its success and to support the integrated vision of e-government transactions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The project is envisioned to achieve the following:

  • Establishing HUB system in accordance with the best technical and security specifications of correspondence exchange.
  • Simplifying the processes of inter-government agencies correspondences.
  • Saving time and effort for government employees.
  • Improving work environment and increasing its safety.
  Project status

The project is now in the execution phase and it has integrated various agencies including the following:
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
  • Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • Ministry of Culture and Information.
  • Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  • Institute of Public Administration
  • King Fahad Medical City.
  • Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.

There are many agencies under the integration process and they will be announced soon.  Also, there is ongoing coordination with the remaining agencies to integrate them electronically with the system.