The National Enterprise Architecture

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National Enterprise Architecture (NEA) is a key element of the National E Government envisioned to incorporate a federated approach to Enterprise Architecture for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program comprise of various Enterprise Architecture elements including but not limited to Processes, Procedures, Policies, Methodology, Framework, Standards and Reference models.

NEA Goals include the following:

  • Alignment of Strategies with Initiatives, Business Processes, plans and operations across the Government.
  • Standardization for interoperability and promote Standardization and consolidation of IT systems.
  • Assurance, Quality Assurance and Risk Management.
  • Support IT Cost Effectiveness and Promote Reuse.
  • Establish Roadmaps for improving Government Efficiency and Effectiveness.

And to achieve the NEA goals the following objectives has been put forward:

  • Establishment of overall Enterprise Architecture guiding principles.
  • Establishment of EA program management plan.
  • Development of preliminary program schedule including timelines for key deliverables.
  • Establishment of performance measures to monitor success of the EA initiative.
  • Definition of the intended use, scope and depth/detail of the EA exercise that will ensure optimum value add.
  • Establishment of an adequately resourced core team that will be responsible for development.
  • Implementation, maintenance and management of the EA .
  • Determination of the extent of automation required throughout the EA lifecycle.

Documents covered by the application of public consultations:

These documents that have been developed are to facilitate the implementation and the understanding of the NEA. They are also to enable government agencies to contribute in building the NEA repository distinctly and effectively. These documents are as the following:

  • Approach to NEA: which contains the Architecture Development Methodology that describes the steps NEA will take to make use of the gathered data and design the governments to-be architecture.
  • The Performance Reference Model which is an outcome-focused measurement framework that can assist government agencies in the design and implementation of effective business measurement systems and performance architectures. It is made up of a hierarchical meta-model that helps identify measurement needs; a classification framework that describes the types of measurement that can support the identified needs; and a measurement indicator framework that helps define effective measurement indicators.
  • Business Reference Model which provides a common terminology and structured repository and framework facilitating a functional (not organizational) view of the government’s operations, including its internal operations and its services for the citizens, independent of the agencies, bureaus and offices performing them.
  • The Data Reference Model (DRM) which is a flexible, standards-based framework to enable information sharing and re-use across the Saudi Government via the standard description and discovery of common data and the promotion of uniform data management practices. The DRM provides a standard means by which data may be described, categorized and shared.
  • Technical Reference Model which provides the base of improving the technology, service’s reuse in view of whole of government, supports to establish the basic environment of safely exchanging and transmitting the business.
  • Maturity Model which is used to determine the EA maturity of agencies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Measuring the current level of maturity allows the agency to plot a way forward to achieve its objectives in a measured way.

Response Actions

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Response Format:

  • Download and Read the online English version of NEA documents, on the e-Government Program website.
  • Start your remarks on document topics by relevant page and paragraph numbers, followed by your views, and submit them to the email address listed above. You may also use commenting feature of MS word to align your comments with documents sections.