Change Managment Initiative

Change Management program targeting government employees

In today’s work environment, where change is stable and technology is changing, change management and availability of highly skilled change professionals are the main differences among successful and failing organizations.
Organizations should be changing continuously. However, the key element is successful and quick change. It plays a vital role in driving the organization forward and surpassing competition. According to Harvard Business Review 70% of all change projects and initiatives are doomed to fail. Adopting of project change management increases percentage of successful projects. Research conducted by Prosci on 3400 organizations worldwide for more than 16 years, indicates that change management is crucial for the success of organizations.  Hence, this intensive change management program is designed in collaboration with Mouj Co.  using ADKAR model from Prosci. It targets government agencies’ employees in order to provide them with analysis skills, planning, developing and  successful and effective implementation of change strategy and plan at their respective government agencies in order to increase success percentage in these agencies and ensure delivery of more professional and high quality services.
The program included training of participants to provide them with theoretical and methodological concepts for successful change. The best practices and related change research were reviewed.  Participants received training on  management of change resistance and  change capacity building in addition to dissemination of change culture and supporting the journey of e-Government transition.

Program Objectives:

  • Provide participants with necessary change knowledge and tools in the area of e-Government in order to increase percentage of successful transition and achieve desirable results.
  •  Discussing basic change management  concepts through review of the best research and practices that boost successful e-Government transition
  • Management of change resistance by employees
  • Build professional change resources in the organization
  • Disseminate change culture and support of the e-Government transition journey

Program’s output:

Training of one person in each government agency to assume the crucial role of “Change Management Specialist” in order to support e-Government transition.