Saudi e-Government Achievement Award

Organizing Committee

This award is supervised by a panel of selected experts. When forming the Awards Organizing Committee, the following was taken into account:

  • Diversity of scientific and practical background of Award Committee membership.
  • The ability of adopting best international award and incentive practices and adapting them for Saudi needs.
Organizing committee members : 
  1. Eng. Mustafa M. Khan, Director of Center of Excellence, Yesser
  2. Eng. Abdullah A. Al-Garni, Director of Yesser Consulting Group, Yesser
  3. Eng. Bader Al-Omari, Director of Yesser Business Development, Yesser
  4. Eng. Akram Sharafuddin, Head of Event Management & PR
  5. Eng. Mohammed Al-Mubaraki, “Enjaz” Awards Project Manager, Yesser 

The Organizing committee has been working on the following:

  • Determining the award categories.
  • Determining the award categories prequalification.
  • Developing the award's evaluation process.
  • Nominating the jury committee members.

The Jury consists of experts and specialists with international and local experiences and is independent from “Yesser.” Jury members are selected based on their experience and contributions to awards and understanding of local needs. The jury panel will convene through an independent workshop to evaluate all submitted nominations.