Saudi e-Government Achievement Award

Award Terms of Participation

(In case of any legal issue(s)/dispute(s) the Arabic version of “Award Terms of Participation” will prevail. The English version is for information purpose ONLY). 

This award is open to all government and semi-government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All nominations must be submitted through the Enjaz online system. 

Nominations can be submitted in Arabic or English. It is preferable to be submitted in English for easy submission to International awards.

Before submission, the applicant will be asked to agree to Award’s ‘Terms and Conditions’.

The Saudi eGovernment Program (Yesser) is not allowed to participate in this Award. 

Category eParticipation for Individual is open to citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia except for the employees of e-Government Program (Yesser).

The Saudi eGovernment Program (Yesser) reserves the right, to verify the validity of nominations and applicants.  (Yesser) also reserves the right to disqualify any nomination that is not in line with the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Nomination(s) submitted should not have won in the previous two Enjaz Awards. (Enjaz 2014, Enjaz 2015) in the same category and is allowed to be submitted into a different category.

The deadline (as mentioned on the ‘Enjaz’ website) should be strictly respected. 

Each entity can submit multiple nominations as explained below:

  • Each nomination can only be submitted into one category only – the same nomination cannot be submitted into multiple categories.
  • An entity can also bundle ‘related eservices’ and submit it as one nomination.
  • Multiple different nominations can be submitted into one category.

Maximum number of words as per the instructions mentioned in the forms should be respected.

All nominations submitted to the Awards should cover work that is completed and in operation for at least 6 months. If the submitted (project/eservice) has multiple stages of development/roll-out; only the completed parts with at least 6 months of being in operation can be submitted. 

If the submitted nomination is an eService, it should be available on Services Catalogue​

For Government-to-Government (G2G) nominations, the service should use the National Infrastructure  - Government Secure Network (GSN) or Government Service Bus (GSB).

The agencies applying to the award must own the copyright of all pictures, sounds, contents etc related to the content of the eservice. All software must be licensed. 

If the submitted nominations is an eService, it should be up and running. Any shutdown/ downtime during the jury evaluation process, the nomination will be rejected without any further notification.

If needed, the Jury may ask an agency who has submitted to the awards;

  • To do a presentation about their nomination for further clarification and verification
  • To allow Jury to access the eService.


  1. Applicants should attach supporting material with their nominations, to be considered by the Jury during the evaluation process. (For example: Statistics, evaluation and audit reports, results of client/citizen satisfaction surveys, booklets, user guides, video files, newspaper articles, etc.) 
  2. The Saudi eGovernment Program (Yesser) reserves the rights to cancel the Awards at any time without disclosing any reasons. 
  3. Incomplete, invalid, or unreadable nominations are ineligible to participate and will be rejected. 
  4. The Saudi eGovernment Program (Yesser) is not responsible for any error, communication line failure, theft, destruction, unauthorized access, or data discrepancies of submitted nomination to the Enjaz awards system. 
  5. If an agency contact person details change, it is the agency’s responsibility to notify e-Government Program (Yesser). 
  6. The Jury evaluation process is confidential and jury committee decisions will be final.
  7. Arabic language is considered the official language for these terms and conditions. In case of language conflict between Arabic and English texts, the Arabic text will be the applied.
  8. The Saudi eGovernment Program (Yesser) has the right to publish all or partially the submitted nominations as part of Knowledge Database for sharing of information and experiences, and highlight the vast number of Saudi projects, without disclosing any evaluations and comments of the Jury.