Saudi e-Government Achievement Award

About eAward

Saudi e-Government Achievement Award

The Kingdom's "e-Government Achievement Award" is an important program for encouraging, inspiring and valuing government agencies' extraordinary efforts in adopting transitional initiatives from "traditional government services" to those of an "information society". This is accomplished by improving business methods and working in complementary ways with each other in providing high quality and effective electronic services for citizens, residents, and businesses. 



To support the development and performance of government agencies and highlight outstanding achievements as they establish the concept of e-services.


The Award is designed to inspire and be a catalyst for government entities to cooperate and implement e-services for better community serving.

  • Promote government agencies to provide better and easier-to-use services for individuals and businesses.
  • Inspire government agencies to work together for providing integrated electronic services with a higher efficiency for individuals and businesses. 
  • Highlight and value the e-services and e-government teams within government agencies.
  • Encourage government agencies to participate in developing the National economy by providing more easy-to-use e-services for businesses. 
  • Support a culture of "best standards and practices" and encourage government agencies to adopt "top-standards" in e-services.
  • Open doors to include the public for helping to design better e-government services.