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 Yesser Staff Working Group

This group aims to serve Yesser Staff includes the program permanent and temporary staff. Also includes staff with employment, maintenance, operation and consultancy studies contracts.

This group would benefit from many applications and custom only for the program employees, which will make them able to work and production in a high level of transparency regardless of place or time, or device used to access the portal.

The following recall some of these applications and features to the program employees:

  • An access to the portal specialized knowledge base, including all the other public and specialized knowledge bases.
  • A general and specialized chat rooms such as - Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Engineering BPR, Project Management, PMO.. And others, for knowledge sharing and exchanging points of views. With the optional link between them and the similar rooms in other working groups.
  • Subscribe to the Yesser Staff Group mailing list.
  • Participation in virtual committees and electronic meetings between various committees, particularly those with common interest.
  • The common applications uses such as:
    1. Corporate Directory
    2. Task Management System
    3. Meeting Management System
    4. Knowledge Management System
    5. Unified Communication System
    6. e-Archiving System
    7. Customer Relationship Management System CRM
    8. .. And many others
Yesser Staff Working Group