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 Vendors Group

This group aims to serve manufacturers and specialized technical businesses in services and products provision for different kinds of governmental sectors. In addition, specialized enterprises in added -value services, such as the development, applications, translation, integration, interconnection and other specialized services that governmental sectors needed in the journey towards e-Government.

To join this group is to register through the Portal (Saudi), get the user name on "Single sign-on (SSO)" system, and then link the person's name with the facility. After registration and link comes the identity verification through one of the Ministry of Labor's offices (currently in the Ministry's headquarters and offices in Jeddah and Dammam). The first person to score is the main one, who can add others and give them accessibility.

This group provides a lot of useful and possible applications and features, for example:

  • An access to the portal specialized knowledge base, including – contracts, agreements, forms, requests, participation and others.
  • A general and specialized chat rooms such as - Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Engineering BPR, Project Management, PMO.. And others, for knowledge sharing and exchanging points of views.
  • Subscribe to the group mailing list.
  • Participation in virtual committees and electronic meetings between various committees, particularly those with common interest.
Vendors Group