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 Registered Users Working Group:

All Yesser's portal beneficiaries have to be part of this group and if they have given the right to, they can join the other working groups; and be able to take advantage of these groups features and additional applications.

A registered user gets a minimum of the following:

  • An access to the portal basic knowledge, including - documents, studies, comparisons, questionnaires, methodologies, and others.
  • Communicate directly with the portal technical support team through the portal communication channels that are being increased and improved continuously.
  • Participating in public and specialized chat rooms according to the registered interest in such a group.
  • Subscribe to the mailing list for Yesser's and e-Government news and events.
  • Participate in the updates list to be aware of any changes (add - delete - modify) occurs in any of the sections of the registered interest via email or mobile.
Registered Users Working Group: